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Mostoles Systemen

a. Overhead Conveyor systems and chain conveyors for the internal transport of light hanging items, especially hanging and laying garments. 
b. Railsystem FORMOVE M-101, widely known system with round tube rail. Leading all over the world.

c. Railsystem FORMOVE M-121, very advanced 2-sided system.

d. Trolley-free system FORMOVE M-202, segmentconveyor for high pass throught capacity.

e. Pinconveyor FORMOVE M-212, individual transport possibility.

f.  TOW-LINE, in-floor conveyor for transporting all kinds of material.

g. Accessory steel constructions and mezzanines.

h. Storage systems for hanging and laying garments.

i.  Control systems for automatic item flows.

j.  Automatic sorters for hanging garments with very high capacity.

k. Both automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines for hanging garments.

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Mostoles Systemen

The Mezzanine

Usually consist of a system with upright columns, main and tertiary beams and floor panels.
The columns must be fully calculated based on the requested load and are powder coated in colour.
The beams are produced from sendzimir galvanised steel and have been designed in such a way that pipe systems for energy and sprinkler systems can
be easily installed through the beams.


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